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Services - Mountain Creek Contractors Inc. Concrete Construction NC, SC

Mountain Creek Contractors, Inc. is a North and South Carolina licensed General Contractor with an unlimited-unclassified license in both states. We specialize in a wide range of structural concrete construction including box culverts, bridge construction, deep foundations, temporary shoring, and many other aspects of heavy civil construction. Please view our list of services below and let us know what we can do for you.

Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts (RCBC)

Mountain Creek has expertise in many aspects of structural concrete construction, but the heart of our operation is our specialization in reinforced concrete box culvert construction. The geography in North and South Carolina with it’s unique combination of Mountains and the Oceans means both states contain a high concentration of streams and rivers. This topography yields many opportunities for surface water flow that exceeds normal pipe capability and necessitates the use of box culverts. An RCBC is often a more economical solution than a bridge, and our ability to quickly and efficiently construct RCBC’s allow us to positively impact the early critical path of the projects we work on.

Very few large impact highway projects can be constructed in this region without the use of RCBC’s or bridges due to the numerous rivers, streams and ditches throughout both states. Mountain Creek made a decision early in our history to pick a specialty and simply be the best at what we do. Culverts most often allow overland flow for streams or storm water, but they have many other applications as well. Note the photos for pedestrian culverts herein, allowing safe flow for pedestrians and bikers, while leaving the motoring public unimpeded above, to maximize traffic flow and minimize travel time. Culverts and Tunnels are also used for golf courses and even for animal crossings in protected regions.


Mountain Creek (MCC) has constructed numerous bridge construction projects, both as a Prime Contractor and as a sub to larger entities. MCC owns multiple cranes and has the capability to build almost any current bridge construction method – over waterways or moving traffic. Projects in Rutherford County, NC and near Charlotte, NC both received accolades for workmanship and project coordination.

Temporary Shoring

Heavy highway construction is taking place all over the southeast, with noticeable growth in both North and South Carolina. Despite the slowdown in the economy and the recent reductions in federal and state spending, these two states and our favorable climate continue to attract a large number of tourists as well as a migration of population from the Northeast toward the South. The continued increase in population combined with the congestion it brings often dictates that construction work be performed in an increasingly smaller footprint.

This transition has led to an increase in both temporary and permanent shoring solutions for more and more construction applications. Limited Right-of-way, minimal impact to the environment and the associated permit process often require the use of walls to upgrade an existing interchange. With culvert and bridge work in urban settings, temporary shoring has become an anticipated phase of most construction operations. With work space at a premium for overall construction impact and expenses, Mountain Creek has continued to excel at the design and installation of creative solutions to this challenge.


Mountain Creek Contractors, Inc. prefers to focus on our specialty work and work with a team of contractors to achieve the strongest possible final product, but we are fully capable of performing larger projects and coordinating multiple subcontractors and suppliers in the lead role as Prime contractor. We’ve managed projects in excess of Ten Million Dollars and still met completion deadlines without delay.


Often, the culvert and shoring work is the early critical path of a project to open up work areas to the grading contractor partners. The water obviously has to be handles before the final touches and paving can be installed in place. This is why clients keep turning to Mountain Creek – we get in and get out to allow all our partners to get started early in the project path. The public often does not realize what a key component culvert work can be, but our clients definitely do. It’s no mistake that MCC has performed most of the largest NCTA, NCDOT and design/build projects for multiple large Prime Contractors. 5 or 6 big contractors come in from all over the United States, but they all almost always choose Mountain Creek to do their “dirty work”.

About us

Mountain Creek Contractors is a North and South Carolina licensed General Contractor with an unlimited-unclassified license in both states, specializing in a wide range of aspects of concrete construction, including box culverts, deep foundations, shoring, and many aspects of heavy civil concrete construction. The company is led by a management team of well-known and respected project management professionals with over a century of combined experience with a wide range of projects from Florida to New York and across the entire Southeastern United States.

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Types of Work

  • Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Design Build
  • Heavy Highway
  • Temporary Shoring

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